Exciting day yesterday

Yesterday we welcomed another great-grand son into the world and what a beautiful baby.  Chance and Emily are so blessed and Carter is really a very excited grandpa while Lori is gonna love being Gigi to yet another grand son.  He’s perfect in every way and now we’ll wait for his cousin to be born any day now.  Here’s his first visit with his great-papa even though he wasn’t impressed and slept through the entire visit.

We will be headed to Florida on the 26th and we are sure looking forward to warm weather once more.  We sure don’t like the cold, windy days we’ve been having lately.  I think we must be getting really old!

Have a great week getting ready for Christmas.  Love to each of you and stay warm!


Thanksgiving Week

We have so many fond memories of the MANY years we hosted Thanksgiving in our Louisville home and so thankful for them all.  It was an extremely busy week with lots of cooking, games, shopping, laughter, a few fights, and memories for the remainder of our lives.

We will be staying in Wilmore for Thanksgiving and enjoying a tasty meal at the Crockett’s along with their Syrian friends.  This will be a day of new memories, I’m sure.  Melissa will be fixing Thanksgiving for all the Gabehart’s, Carter & Lori will be in Georgia, Scott and his family will enjoy the day with her family..the last I heard…, and Clark and Vanessa will be relaxing at home with her dad.  I do wish everyone a great day and we all have so much to be thankful for and seldom realize how blessed we truly are.

George continues to improve and has done great through this whole procedure.  His PT days are still his most painful days which we knew would be the case.  He sees his surgeon on Wednesday and looking forward to getting his driving privileges back.  He still lacks at the energy he had before the surgery but that, too, is improving.  How much energy should a 75 year old expect anyway?

It’s really cold here in KY and that’s making us even more ready to head to Florida.  As of now, we have our place from January 1 – February 28 but we’re hoping they’ll add a few days in December like they did last year.

Guess that’s about it for now.  Have a great week, eat lots of good food, and be mindful of all the many blessings we enjoy.  Love to you all.


Doing Great!

George is doing so much better than we had ever imagined.  He was finished with having to use the walker after just one week, the cane is only needed when he’s outside of the house…for now, and his PT sessions have gone very well.  He’s getting rather bored…again that’s expected…but he’s doing about what he would be doing anyway with this cold weather outside…he misses his workshop, I’m sure.  The only thing he’s not OK doing for now is driving but that will be back on his plate in just another ten days. 

Guess that’s about it for us right now.  George has been a good patient and I am glad I’m able to do what he needs help with.  Life can get rough but we have been so blessed so no complaining…for now.  Have a great week and it’s almost turkey time and that’s always a good day.  Love to you all.


Whatever happen to me?

How in the world have I let nearly six weeks fly by and not do any blogging?  I guess I live such a dull life I didn’t think I needed to share anything since nothing interesting happens.

We have stayed fairly busy with the “blue house” activities but that has slowed down considerably now that Keenland is over and most people are done with traveling for now.  The biggest thing we have right now is getting George back up and going from his recent knee replacement.  He had this procedure done on November 3rd, came home the next day, and is doing really well.  He has been running a low grade fever but the doctor said it’s not unusual and nothing to worry about unless it gets to 102 or more.  He’ll be having his first home PT experience in a couple of. Hours.  That may “liven” things up a bit and he’s really had very limited pain.

I am doing well and I would have made a great nurse but glad I don’t do this every day.  George is being a good patient, due to being told that he would be popped with a rubber band if he’s not behaving properly…guess that’s the new treatment for bad patients.  This is just a joke so don’t get any ideas as to how he’s being treated.

We are anxiously awaiting two more great grandsons in December…Chase/Tara and Chance/Emily.  Chase got home from Syria in October and won’t have to go back for several more months.  We were so thankful he was kept safe the six months while there and arrived home to his beautiful wife just fine.

Guess that’s about it for now…company just arrived to visit with George.  Have a great fall and enjoy the Christmas music playing at the stores.  What ever happen to Thanksgiving?  Our stores here decorated for Halloween while Christmas was already up with the “back to school” stuff.  Love to you all.


Loving the beach….

Our week here at Santa Rosa Beach, FL is going great.  LOTS of sunshine, more heat than needed, but lots of good conversations and fun each day.  We are with Carter and Lori (our host/hostess), Chance and Emily, and Lori’s parents Butch and Jean.  Chance and Emily will be leaving tomorrow as they feel the need to get back to work, but the rest of us will be here until Saturday morning.

We’ve seen several dolphins swim by and many live sand dollars were found yesterday…guess that’s a first for any of us.  We thought we might see some damage around here since Irma went by a week, or so, ago but there is no indication that a hurricane ever existed.  The place Carter/Lori rented is very nice, quite large, and is on the beach.  The guys are going fishing this evening and looking forward to catching lots of fish.  Guess that means we’ll have fish for dinner one evening…YUCK!

On our way down, we were able to have lunch with Meredith and Jerod and that was good.  After that we headed to Alabama to spend the night with Jerry and Margaret and catch up on what’s going on with them…and other family members.  The farm is still peaceful, and beautiful, so it’s always good being there and visiting.

Guess that’s about it for now.  Have a great week and I’ll be back when we get home…or have something of real interest to write about.  Love to you all.


Did I miss….

I think we must have missed September and went right to October!  Here it is the 6th day of September and we are having temperatures in the 50’s at night and only the 60’s during the day.  How is that even possible?  We are definitely having a rather strange weather pattern but one we are all enjoying.

My heart breaks for all the people in Texas with the loss of life, and property, to so many due to the recent hurricane.  Now Florida is getting ready to be blasted by a hurricane of equal devastation, if not worse, and the hurricane season isn’t even near over.  All we can do is pray, contribute to the relief fund of choice, and help in any way possible.

This past Monday we went to Cave City, KY to celebrate Meredith’s 19th birthday.  She, and Jerod, drove up from Nashville, Kyle and Tyler drove over from Bowling Green, while the six of us came from Wilmore…so we really did have a party!  Tyler was visiting Kyle at WKU so he was a definite bonus to the fun.  College life is going well for all three of them…Meredith, Jerod, and Kyle…while high school is really a breeze for Tyler.  If was a fun time and made this Mimi’s heart swell with pride on these six grandkids.

Not a lot going on for us currently but we are looking forward to going to Florida…if it’s still a go…on the 16th with Carter and Lori for a week of fun on the beach.  Her parents will be with us, along with various kids at different times, so it should be a good time.

Pray for all the people that are involved with DACA and that some resolution can come about that’s fair and just.  I do feel for them but they are also breaking our laws and if they want to live in America they must learn to accept and obey them.  It’s a sad situation regardless.  Life gets so tough at times.

Have a great rest-of-the-week and let’s all continue to pray for the many hurricane victims everywhere.  Love to you all.


Beautiful day today….

We have had the most unusual month of August ever!  The first week, or so, it was very fallish and no AC was needed…then the real August showed up…and we are now back to the fallish days.  Gotta love mother nature and the realization that we really are not in control.

School is back in session and all the kids are currently happy with classes, teachers, and where they are living.  The college kids had great parties while viewing the eclipse as both Bowling Green and Nashville had a total eclipse.  We were on our back deck…and I might add sweating bullets…and it was amazing in the temperature change, calmness of the air, and the dusk of the light.  God is so amazing!

Today I am praying for all the people affected by the hurricane that hit the Texas coast last night.  I can’t imagine what that would be like to ride something like that out.  The people may have survived but they will be without power, cell phones, water, etc. and unable to leave their place for a very long time.  We helped a couple of different times when Katrina hit New Orleans and that was devastating…this storm was even stronger!  The difficult part is when you do pick up the damaged stuff there’s no where to put it as everything is damaged.  

Guess that’s about it for now.  Continue to pray for Texas and let’s do whatever we can to help as many as we are able each and every day.  Love to you all.


Great time…

We had a great time in Fayetteville, West Virginia the past few days even though it rained every day.  We remarked while driving there about how lush and green all the trees were…notice I only mentioned trees as that’s about all you’d see in the mountains…but that didn’t stop us from having fun.  We did see the New River Gorge Bridge and it was really high and impressive.  You can walk across it but you have to make a reservation, be harnessed in, takes about three hours, and is not my cup of tea since heights and I don’t mix…especially with the rain.  The white water rafting looked fun but there again…been there done that and this old body said “whatever are you thinking”?  We tried to walk a trail that was recommended to us but it was closed.  Whoever heard of a trail only open from Friday – Sunday?  We went to some really remote little towns…again recommended…and met some really nice people, ate some good food, and looked through some antique and folk art stores.  It was a quick trip and we left home with no agenda or reservations…a fun way to travel because there will be no disappointments as there are no expectations.  Glad George suggested this get-away adventure and thankful we’re at this stage of life where you can just get up and go.

All the school kids…except Jerod, Meredith, and Kyle…are back in the classroom and I pray each one will have a great year, learn a lot, and cherish the friends and memories being made.  The three college kids start classes this coming Monday…Meredith is already at LU and doing all the freshman stuff while getting settled into campus life and the big city of Nashville.  

Guess that’s about it for now.  Have a great rest-of-the-week and love to you all.



Time for school…

Here it is time for school to start back up and it seems as though the summer months just flew by.  We, personally, haven’t done much out of our ordinary stuff but the weeks did fly by ever so quickly.  Neyland and Turner are already in school and enjoying being in the second grade.  Tyler (senior), Madi (junior), Blake (junior), and Grayson (sophomore) will be back in school next week.  Meredith will arrive at LU on Sunday and get all settled in before her classes begin…not just sure the day she will actually start classes.  Jerod and Kyle, both juniors, will head back to their perspective colleges in about another week, or so.  They are all ready to get back to school and on with their lives but they all grew up so terrible fast.  

We were able to be with Chance and Emily this past Sunday and they are both doing well and can’t wait for December to get here so they can meet Jackson Davis Ezell.  We gave them the rocking chair that my folks gave us when Carter was born.  That chair has rocked dozen of kids and this will be the third generation enjoying it.  So glad they wanted it!

The weather this summer has been so great.  We’ve had HOT but we’ve also had enough rain to keep everything green and beautiful.  Now it’s eight days into August and we are not using the AC…now that is a miracle.  We’re down in the upper 50’s at night and staying around 80 for the high during the day and it will be this way for a while longer.  Thank you Lord is the only comment to make!

Guess that’s about it.  Have a great rest-of-the-week and I pray all reading this are well and enjoying where they are in life.  Thankfully, I am and we both continue to do well!  Love to you all.


Anybody there?

It has been weeks since I’ve written on here and, it’s obvious, that I’ve not been missed.  My life lacks a lot of change, or things of interest to write about, but I would like to be ask why I’m not blogging?  Oh well, I’ll continue to blog for my entertainment and nothing more.

We had a great time with Scott, Allison, Turner, and Neyland this past weekend.  The boys are so sweet, and good, and so much fun to be around.  They love board games and those are always fun.  They start school on August 2 and can’t wait.  They both love school and are excellent students…they are going into the second grade which is hard to believe.

Hot weather continues to bless our area but we’re being told we’ll have some cool weather this weekend.  It was REALLY hot while at Scott’s so most of our time there was spent inside.  Scott has a BIG garden and it’s producing very well…even the raccoons are currently loving the cantaloupes and the deer enjoyed ALL the corn.  We brought home summer squash, zucchini, cantaloupe, watermelon, and okra.  YUM, YUM!

We are dog sitting for the next couple of weeks for Pal…Melissa’s dog…and will have Sugar…Tanya’s dog…come join our party beginning tomorrow through Sunday.  Should be lots of fun when you throw Scuffy…our feral cat…in the mix.  Pal can no longer hear so that adds some excitement when he decides to wander off down the way but so far we’re doing well…he’s been here four hours!  Thankfully, Tanya’s two cats can stay home but I will go over to feed and clean the litter box each day.  Sure makes me know why I really don’t want a “full time” pet.  I’m into simplicity and pets are work!

Guess that’s about it for now.  Stay cool!  Jim/Linda have a great time in Nova Scotia and do lots of fun stuff and eat some really good food.  Love to you all.