It seems as though it never fails…we come home from Florida so that Wilmore can have their biggest snow fall of the year.  We woke up to 6-8 inches of snow, and something I was hoping would not happen again this year.  It is beautiful, but it also has broken some limbs out of trees, etc. but we have not lost power at this point. Sure hope it melts really fast!

We had a good trip to see Jerre and his family.  He even managed to have good days while we were there but it did take him a couple of days to get over it.  We were told he would rest off and on throughout the day but he did none of that so he was rather exhausted after we left.  Jerre still has a bad cough but we were told it’s better than before…his staph infection is back in his leg and the antibiotics are not working as well as they had hoped and insurance is being an issue for the expensive one that helped last time…he’s lost some of his hair but not all of it…fatigue is apparent due to the pain meds and chemo…he’s optimistic and fighting to beat these cancers…still in pain but that’s being better managed for now.  Angela had us all over to their home for dinner and he seemed to really enjoy that…very delicious lasagna dinner.  He was very surprised when we got there and had Clark and Vanessa with us…even more surprised when Carter showed up for dinner.  We were only there about 24 hours and that was enough to wear him out but he said numerous times how much he appreciated our coming.  Life can be hard and he’s going through some of the most difficult days now so continue to pray for each of them. 

Guess that’s about it for now.  Contact me if you need to know more about Jerre but do stay in contact with him.  He has lots of regrets for not being more involved with all of us these last 50 + years.  Love to you all.



Back in the grove…

I must say…Atlanta was NOT disappointing.  That was the worse we have ever experienced going through there…took us a little over two hours of stop ‘N go traffic.  If anyone ever ask you if you’d like to move to Atlanta tell them NO.  They have enough people living there already and there is no more room for any more drivers.

Normally we make it as far as Chattanooga, TN…or even on to Cleveland, TN…on our first day…about 12 hours…but this time we just went as far as the Georgia/Tennessee line because we were tired of sitting after 13 1/2 hours.  We did stay at a very nice Hampton Inn and had a decent meal at the Farm to Fork restaurant before we collapsed into bed and slept like a log.  We had a good ride home on Friday and experienced very little traffic once we got away from any lanes headed to Chattanooga.  It’s really good to be back home and I’ve finally got every thing unpacked, put away, and been to the grocery.  Now to rest a bit before we go again on Tuesday.  That trip will be very short so not much packing will be needed for that.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day today here in KY but it’s sure lacking some heat.  It won’t be to long before the winter days/nights will end and we can once again have the windows open and fresh air flowing into the house.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow of worship and then meeting with our life group that evening.  We’ve missed our church family and friends.

Guess that’s it for now.  Looking forward to seeing Jerre, Rita, and others this next week.  Have a great day and love to you all.


Headed home…

As we rolled out of the driveway at 6 a.m. this morning, one of the first things we saw was a beautiful, full moon.  It was absolutely stunning!  We had another enjoyable two month of sunshine…spotty in January but daily for February…, many times at the beach, beautiful sunsets, great company with old, and new, friends, great shrimp, lobster, and sea scallops dinners on several occasions, and just a very relaxing time.  We’ll look forward to doing all this again next winter.  Now to find a place to stay.  Two months rental is hard as most want 3-4 months.  We’ll find something, as we always do.

We are looking forward to getting home and back into our normal, boring life.  We are both doing well and have had no health issues for sometime now.  Sure pray we keep it up.  We, also, are looking forward to seeing Jerre, Rita, and everyone else that may come by during our 24 hour trip to Dallas.  I’ll write more on that after that’s all said and done.

No news just wanted to remind you to be praying for our safety as we travel…especially as we pass through Atlanta.  That’s always a mess!

Have a great weekend and stay dry and warm.  Love to all. 


Only a few more days….

How in the world has two months passed by so quickly?  The month of January was less than desirable but February has more than made up for it.  We’ve enjoyed the sunshine, surf, sunsets, beach time, friends, and lots of yummy food but we’re now getting ready to head back to KY.  I sure hope the rain will stop and the flooding will cease before we arrive on Friday.  We hear Wilmore is receiving lots of rain but no flooding.  Poor Louisville, and the surrounding counties, are getting blasted and the damage is extensive.  The ugly Ohio River is even uglier when it comes ashore.

We’re looking forward to spending the evening with Ron and Jean today…after we enjoy a second meal at Owens Fish Camp.  They are such dear friends and we cherish every opportunity we have to be with them.  In fact, we’ve enjoyed all our friends from here and will look forward to seeing each of them next year.

There’s no news so guess I’ll check back in once we get home.  Continue to pray for Jerre and we’re looking forward to spending a day with them next week…also pray for us to have safe travel…the rain will stop and the flooding cease…and for each other.  Love to you all.


Our Last Week….

It doesn’t seem possible that’s we only have one more week of warm, sunny days before we head home to the extremely rainy, cooler days in Wilmore.  Our time here has, again, been very enjoyable and relaxing.  January was a bust, as far as any beach time, but February has more than made up for it.  It was 90 yesterday and too hot to sit at the beach…we went but only stayed 1 1/2 hours and the sand was to hot to even walk on.  Somehow, we managed to skip the spring like days and headed right into summer.  Regardless, every day has been good and I feel so blessed to have been here for these last couple of months.

We are looking forward to seeing Jerre, Rita, and all others for our day in Dallas on March 6th & 7th.  I sure hope our flights will be a lot better than Melissa had on her trip back from California…she got to spend the night in the DFW airport.  AA cancelled the flight into Louisville so she ended up in Cincinnati and had to drive home from there.  She wasn’t a happy camper about it but did manage to survive.  I love her silly picture on FB of her trying to stay warm.  It makes me laugh every time it pops up.

Jerod is having a great time in Chili this semester and getting to see lots of the surrounding countries while “in the neighborhood”.  Meredith had a bad tumble while out jogging and ended up at the urgent care facility with a broken thumb, scrapped hands and knees, of which one became infected.  Another reason for not jogging, in my book!  Kyle is doing great as an intern with the Bowling Green PD and, I’m sure, learning lots of stuff.  As for all others…NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS.

We enjoyed having Carter and Lori for a few days and the weather was near perfect the entire time they were here.  They love the pool and/or beach so they are easy to entertain.

Guess that’s about it for now.  Stay dry and we’ll be thinking of you all as we enjoy this last week in “paradise”.  Love to you all.



Alone again…

Carter and Lori just left to go back home and I miss them already.  They were here for only a couple of days, but those days were lots of fun.  We got in a lot of beach time and/or pool time along with a great meal at a very nice restaurant we had wanted to visit…thanks Carter and Lori…but never did until Saturday night.  Great, great time and there’s nothing like family.  Love you two and looking forward to when we’ll see you again.

We only have nine days left before we head home and that’s really hard to believe.  Our January was a terrible month, weather wise, but February has more than made up for it…every day has been a “beautiful day in paradise”.  We are blessed to have this opportunity to be here for the two months and will now be on a quest to find a place for next year…this unit will not be available.  Lots of rentals if you want 3-4 months but a 2 month rental is difficult.  We’ll find something I feel sure.

Have a great week and glad the weather is warmer back home, even though it’s raining most every day.  This will get the flowers and grass ready to start making an appearance by the time we do get home.  Spring time is KY is a beautiful time and we just hope old man winter will be gone for good by the time we arrive home.  He hung around until May last year.

Have a great week.  Love you all.


Another beautiful day…

Once we got through with January, we have virtually had nothing but beautiful days.  Our time is just flying by now and we only have a couple of weeks left to enjoy all this sunshine and sandy beaches.  To say we will miss this is an understatement especially when we see what the “ICY” conditions are back home.

We had a great weekend and we drove over to Boca Grande for lunch on Saturday and to view all the beautiful sights there.  The water there is breath taking and it’s definitely a place for the “upper crust”.  We enjoyed lunch yesterday with some couples from our life group back home, along with another couple, and that was fun.  We do seem to stay busy at times and have not yet felt bored while down here.  If we did nothing but sit in the house…which we definitely do not do…we’d be doing the same things we’d be doing at home so the days seem to just fly by.

Carter and Lori will be here this weekend and we’re looking forward to being with them.  They’ll only be here a few days but we’re thankful for those few days!

Nothing of interest to write about.  We are both doing well, walking almost every day, and getting lots of relaxing done.  I’ve read several books, soaked up some sun, and eaten lots of delicious shrimp and scollops.  YUM!!!  Have a great week.  Love to you all.



Can we all agree that the Super Bowl was one of the better ones ever played?  It was a nip & tuck game all the way and, yes, we were cheering for the Eagles.  It was a clean game, very few penalties or interceptions, and just plain fun to watch.

We have FINALLY gotten a week of true Florida weather this week…mid to upper 70’s every day.  Yesterday the wind was back to blowing extremely hard…made sitting at the pool hard…and then we had a heavy thunderstorm during the game last night.  Heavy rain and a mobile home don’t make for easy listening!

This is one of our birthday weeks…Chase is on the 6th, Tyler on the 7th, Me on the 8th, and Marjorie on the 9th.  We’ll top off this birthday month by celebrating the twins on the 12th.  Happy, happy birthday to us all.

The time is really flying by and we’ll be headed home before the cold is gone.  School was cancelled again today in Wilmore due to icy roads and it’s still bitter cold.  This has been our coldest winter ever for us here in Florida and it’s been extremely cold at home.  Think we might have a really hot summer?  Right now, I’ll just enjoy each of these warm days and look forward to spring coming soon once we do get home.

Guess that’s about it for now.  Time to hit the beach.  Praying for each of you, especially Jerre/Rita, and may you all have a blessed week and stay WARM.  Love to you all.


Saturday the 27th

This past Saturday was such a fun day.  We met Teresa and Richard, along with the three kids still at home, for lunch.  Teresa selected one of their favorite restaurants and it really was a good place.  I think their speciality is bison dishes and that was our first time to have a bison burger…mine was bunless, of course…and it was really tasty.  We enjoyed just catching up on what’s happen since we saw them last year…second child left for college was their main event.  Hannah will be graduating this spring and not real sure just where the military will be sending her, or if she’ll start on her graduate program.  She should find out sometime in March.  They truly are a sweet family and so enjoyable to be around and definitely something we look forward to every time we are in this area.

Last Wednesday we went to Owns Fish Camp for dinner…thanks to Daniel and Tanya and their kids.  We have money left over on the gift card so we’ll gladly eat there again before we leave.  George had snapper and I had some of the best sea scallops I’ve ever eaten.  Two other couples went with us…Bob & Kathy from home and Ron & Jean our Kansas friends…and everyone raved about the food.  Great choice Crockett’s and we loved it.

We’re still in shock at the loss of our good friend, Bob Dadisman, and I can only imagine how lost the church and family feel.  He was a good friend and we have years of fond memories to carry us through until we meet again.

A cold front has again showed up in Venice.  Of course, this cold front will only last about two days and it’s nothing like the first three weeks we were here.  We’ll be in the 60’s but the wind is back making it feel colder.  We are so much warmer than home so I will not complain…much.

Tyler has made a definite decision about where he’s going to college.  He has joined the Air National Guards and will be attending the University of Alabama.  He will become a pilot when it’s all said and done.  He’s super excited and can’t wait to get started.

Still doing our usual stuff…which can be interpreted as “nothing exciting”…and loving it most days.  We’ve been to the movies twice, out to eat several times, visited with friends, gone to the beach a LITTLE BIT, and walked most days.  The time is flying by and January is coming to a rapid close and February always flies by so we’ll be home before we’re ready…that is, if it’s still cold at home. I so enjoy warm, sunny days and could live the remainder of my life without one more cold, snowy day.

We continue to pray for Jerre and all he’s going through.  Cancer is an ugly disease and we’re praying hard he will fight hard and win the battle.  Hope all the remainder that read this blog are well and staying warm.  Linda and Jim loved their time in Mexico and didn’t drink the water.  Have a great week and I’m sending  love to you all.


Uncertainty of life…

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here with church, a good lunch, lots of sunshine, and several hours on the beach…FINALLY.  We even managed to watch the two NFL games…I really don’t have a favorite in this super bowl…and had just crawled into bed when we get a phone call telling us one of our life long friends had just died.  To say we were shocked, and in disbelief, is putting it mildly.  Bob and Carla have been special friends for over forty years…we’ve known them for over 50 years altogether.

Bob became sick yesterday afternoon with flu like symptoms but it must have been an aneurism, or heart attack, as he just died around 9:30.  She found him on the floor.  We talked with Carla this morning and she’s bouncing around emotionally and feeling guilty she hadn’t found him sooner as it might have helped.  The EMT told her that wasn’t true. His funeral will be Friday and visitation with be on Thursday.  We thought about going, but Carla said NO and we will get with her when we get back…she knows we’re in Florida.  She’s still one of my two “bestest friends” and Frances is the other one…even though she no longer knows me.  Love these two ladies and what wonderful memories we have.  Life can sure throw you some crazy curve balls, but we’ll hang on to the memories as long as we have life.

Jerre, my baby brother, is still getting information about his cancer and how he’s going to be helped.  We will never give up and continue to pray for his healing and complete recovery.  Again…another curve ball.

Linda and Jim are loving Mexico and said it was absolutely beautiful.  Sure hope they don’t drink the water!  This would be a home run.

Guess that’s about it for now.  We’re finally getting real Florida weather and LOVING it.  We could almost say it’s HOT today but we won’t.  The beach time was perfect and lots of people to watch.  Glad it’s warmed up back home and you are all doing well.  I’ll be back in touch soon.